Why we
started the

GoodPhyte was developed by Amy Puzey: a holistic nutritionist, competitive trail runner, and past CEO of 5Peaks Trail Running Canada. Amy lives in Invermere, British Columbia, Canada and she has been passionate about health, wellness and competitive trail running all of her life. In 2009, Amy was the Canadian Mountain Running Champion and represented Canada twice at the World Mountain Running Trophy on the Canadian Mountain Running team.

Amy began her education in nursing at University of Alberta and a few years into her degree realized she wanted to work on the preventative side of health and switched to study holistic nutrition. She became a holistic nutritionist in 2005 and CEO and National Race Director of 5Peaks in 2013 to take the Canadian trail running community to the next level. She sold 5Peaks in 2021 to fully dedicate herself to Goodphyte.

In 2008, Amy started researching how the enzyme phytase could neutralize the anti-nutrient, phytate, and the result is GoodPhyte. While not all GoodPhyte customers are athletes, this innovative digestive enzyme has found a beloved home within that community, with many customers reporting marked improvements to their ability to train and perform.

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How does GoodPhyte work?

It uses phytase to counteract the anti-nutrient phytate.

Phytate is present on ALL grains, nuts, beans, and seeds. Think of it like a self-protective coating that plants use to stop their seeds from being eaten before they have a chance to sprout. Phytate can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable, can impair your use of amino acids and protein, and, even more importantly, block you from absorbing important nutrients like zinc, iron, magnesium, and calcium. While ruminants like cattle, sheep, and deer have stomachs that can deplete phytate, we humans with only one stomach, need some extra help. Phytase — the key ingredient in GoodPhyte — is the enzyme which breaks down phytate, giving you access to those nutrients.

You’re doing all the right things, but you still don’t feel right — blame phytate

Even though we try hard to eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep, feeling depleted, exhausted and bloated is a daily reality for many. No matter what we do, we still don’t feel good. That’s because the phytate in our diet is causing digestive discomfort, and it’s also preventing us from absorbing the nutrients from our food or our vitamin supplements — hence the low energy. Without the ability to absorb zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and amino acids, our everyday health can be severely impacted.

There are two ways to dissolve phytate:

Soak, sprout, slow-cook, or ferment your food ahead of time. This can remove 50%-70% of phytate from your food. It’s a great option, but can be challenging with a busy schedule and it still doesn't counteract all the phytate.

Take 1-3 GoodPhyte capsules per day to counteract all the phytate in your food. Everyone’s dose is different and depends on your diet. Vegans typically need 3-4 capsules of phytase per day, whereas omnivores may only need 1-2.

Why take a digestive enzyme?

Digestion takes up to 70% of your energy 
in a day.

That’s a lot, and it’s important to make sure your body is working as efficiently as it can. Enzymes are the catalysts for every reaction in your body, and are present in freshly picked raw vegetables and fresh meat. Our gut bacteria also produce some enzymes. Many of us eat large amounts of cooked food, previously frozen food, and not enough raw foods. And even when we do eat the ‘right’ things like pulses and lentils, the presence of phytate can hinder digestion. That means we’re not getting the micronutrients we need. Our bodies need a low-stress environment to work well and they also need access to nutrients in our foods to be our best and healthiest selves.

If you regularly find yourself run down, have low energy or deal with occasional digestive discomfort, bloating or indigestion, consider setting yourself up for digestive success, by taking GoodPhyte to make the nutrients in your food and vitamins bioavailable.

What makes our digestive enzyme different?

Why choose GoodPhyte over another supplement?

GoodPhyte is different from other enzymes and supplements but you don’t have to choose, as it actually makes all other vitamin supplements more effective:

Phytase allows other vitamin supplements to reach their full potential in the body, while also making minerals in food more bioavailable.

We aren’t competing with other supplements, we’re supporting them. Keep taking your other supplements and vitamins as your health practitioner recommended. See how your energy levels, sleep levels, and stomach health improves with time.

Even for people who don’t (or can’t) take vitamins or supplements, our phytase enzyme gives you full access to the nutrients naturally present in your food. It also allows you to access the endogenous (meaning inside the body) pool of zinc. Zinc is known to be a critical piece of a strong immune system.