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Introducing our revolutionary new product, Goodphyte Immunity! Packed with the power of phytase, iron, and zinc, this cutting-edge formula is designed to elevate your overall well-being and support essential bodily functions.

**Key Features:**

  1. **Phytase Powerhouse:** Our capsules contain a potent dose of phytase, an enzyme crucial for unlocking the nutrient potential of plant-based foods. By breaking down phytic acid, phytase enhances the absorption of vital minerals, ensuring you get the maximum nutritional benefit from your diet.
  1. **Iron Enrichment:** Iron is an essential mineral vital for transporting oxygen throughout the body, supporting energy levels and maintaining overall health. Our product provides a carefully balanced iron supplement, promoting optimal oxygen circulation and combating fatigue.
  1. **Zinc Harmony:** Zinc is a micronutrient with a myriad of benefits, from immune system support to wound healing and beyond. Our capsules include a precise amount of zinc to help fortify your immune defenses and contribute to the overall resilience of your body.

**Why Choose Goodphyte Immunity?**

- **Comprehensive Nutrient Support:** The unique combination of phytase, iron, and zinc in our formula ensures comprehensive nutritional support, addressing multiple aspects of your health in one convenient supplement.

- **Bioavailability Maximization:** With the inclusion of phytase, our capsules enhance the bioavailability of nutrients, allowing your body to absorb and utilize them more efficiently.

- **Quality Assurance:** Our product is crafted with the utmost care, using high-quality ingredients to guarantee purity and potency. We prioritize your health and well-being at every step of the manufacturing process.

Transform your wellness journey with Goodphyte Immunity – the perfect synergy of phytase, iron, and zinc for a healthier, more vibrant you. Elevate your nutrition, elevate your life!

Goodphyte Immunity is a digestive enzyme, zinc, and iron combination designed to give you access to the micronutrients otherwise bound in food by the anti-nutrient Phytate.  These micronutrients - zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium, are all critical to your health, gut health, well being and immune system.  

One bottle gives you a 30-day supply.  Take one to two capsules per day.  Prices are in $USD.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ORDERS TO CANADA MAY TAKE 2-4 WEEKS TO ARRIVE.  WE APOLOGIZE FOR THIS IN ADVANCE.

Read on for more Information on Phytase, Zinc and Iron:

Phytase: helps to breakdown the anti-nutrient phytate, and increase bioavailability of micronutrients.  When phytate is present in your diet, it is very difficult to absorb adequate levels of zinc or iron from your diet without the assistance of the enzyme phytase.  So we’ve combined all three products to give your immune system the boost it needs!

Zinc is known to have the following benefits to your immune system:

- **Antioxidant Defense:** Zinc is essential for the production and function of antioxidant enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), which protect cells from oxidative stress and help maintain a healthy immune system.

- **Immune Cell Function:** Zinc is crucial for the development and function of various immune cells, including white blood cells (neutrophils and macrophages), natural killer cells, and T lymphocytes. These cells play a vital role in identifying and eliminating pathogens.

- **Cell-Mediated Immunity:** Zinc is involved in cell-mediated immunity, which is the immune response that involves the activation of T lymphocytes. It helps regulate the proliferation and activity of these immune cells.

- **Antiviral Activity:** Zinc has been shown to exhibit antiviral properties and may help inhibit the replication of certain viruses. It is particularly important in the defense against respiratory viruses.

- **Barrier Function:** Zinc contributes to the maintenance of the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes, acting as a physical barrier to prevent the entry of pathogens into the body.

- **Inflammation Regulation:** Zinc helps regulate the inflammatory response, ensuring a balanced and controlled reaction to infections. It plays a role in modulating cytokine production and reducing excessive inflammation.

- **Wound Healing:** Zinc is essential for proper wound healing, and it supports the repair and regeneration of tissues damaged during infections or injuries.

- **Thymus Function:** The thymus gland, a key component of the immune system, requires zinc for its development and optimal function. The thymus is involved in the maturation of T lymphocytes.

- **Gene Expression:** Zinc is involved in the regulation of gene expression, influencing the activation of genes related to immune function. It plays a role in the transcription of DNA into RNA, affecting the synthesis of proteins necessary for immune responses.

- **Adaptive Immunity:** Zinc is crucial for the development and maintenance of adaptive immunity, where the immune system "learns" to recognize and remember specific pathogens for a more targeted response upon subsequent exposure.

Ensuring an adequate intake of zinc through a balanced diet or supplementation can contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system and help defend the body against infections.

Iron is known to have the following benefits to your immune system:

- **Oxygen Transport:** Iron is a key component of hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to tissues and organs. Adequate oxygen supply is crucial for the energy production needed for immune cell function.

- **Immune Cell Proliferation:** Iron is involved in the proliferation and maturation of immune cells, including lymphocytes and macrophages, supporting the body's ability to mount an effective immune response.

- **Antioxidant Enzymes:** Iron is a cofactor for enzymes involved in antioxidant defense, helping to protect immune cells from oxidative stress and promoting their proper function.

- **Enzymatic Reactions:** Iron is a critical component of several enzymes involved in various biochemical reactions, including those related to DNA synthesis and repair, which are essential for the replication and function of immune cells.

- **Cell-Mediated Immunity:** Iron contributes to cell-mediated immunity by supporting the activity of T lymphocytes, which play a central role in recognizing and eliminating infected cells.

- **Bacterial Defense:** Iron is involved in the body's defense against bacterial infections. The immune system uses iron-binding proteins to limit the availability of iron to bacteria, hindering their growth.

- **Inflammatory Response:** Iron is necessary for the proper functioning of immune cells involved in the inflammatory response. It helps regulate the production of cytokines and other signalling molecules involved in the immune system's response to infections.

- **Wound Healing:** Iron is essential for the synthesis of collagen, a protein that plays a crucial role in wound healing. Adequate iron levels contribute to the body's ability to repair tissues damaged during infections or injuries.

- **Macrophage Activation:** Iron is involved in the activation of macrophages, which are immune cells responsible for engulfing and digesting pathogens. This process is essential for clearing infections.

- **Antiviral Defense:** While the role of iron in antiviral defense is complex, it plays a part in regulating immune responses against certain viruses and may contribute to the body's ability to combat viral infections.

Maintaining a proper balance of iron in the body is important for supporting immune function. Both iron deficiency and excess iron can have implications for immune health, highlighting the importance of achieving a balanced intake through diet or supplementation when necessary.


People who use our products notice:

+ significant increase in energy

+ better relaxation

+ deeper rest

+ regular bowel movements

+ faster and better recovery from workouts

+ stable blood sugar levels

One 60 capsule bottle of GoodPhyte gives you a 30-day supply depending on how many you take per day. Shipping within the USA is included in the price. We also ship internationally to many countries. Prices are in $USD. GoodPhyte is Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and non-GMO.