What you need to know:

Goodphyte is a nutritional supplement designed to give you access to the micronutrients (namely zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium) otherwise bound in food by the anti-nutrient Phytic Acid.

The Basics

Phytic Acid: an anti-nutrient present on ALL grains, nuts, seeds. It prevents you from absorbing vitamins and minerals from your food and even from those expensive vitamins you take.

Goodphyte: Neutralizes phytic acid, and gives you access to the micronutrients in your food and supplements, which are otherwise unavailable. When your body has access to these nutrients, your immune system functions the way it is supposed to.

The Details

When we eat food, we assume we are getting the nutrients out of the food we are consuming.  However, many of the “healthy” foods we consume, such as whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes, contain a powerful anti-nutrient called Phytic Acid.  The human body is not equipped to break down phytic acid on it’s own, which means that many of the nutrients in the food that we consume (zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium), and assume we are absorbing, are not accessible due to the presence of phytic acid.   That’s right. All those expensive vitamins you take? They’re going right through you.

Studies have shown that phytase can decrease iron deficiency by 75%, and zinc deficiency by 36% or more.

While traditional methods of preparing these foods depleted phytic acid, most of the food we now consume is not prepared through traditional means.  Fortunately, there is a naturally occurring enzyme called phytase, which degrades phytic acid and allows you to access the nutrients in these foods. So if you’re eating any grains, nuts, seeds, cereals, pastas, rice, crackers, beans, lentils or any products derived from these foods, you are likely ingesting large amounts of the anti-nutrient, phytic acid.

This is why we’ve developed Goodphyte. A phytase rich nutritional supplement created to break down the anti-nutrients in your food, so that you can access the essential micronutrients that are otherwise unavailable. In turn, your immune system actually stands a chance.


Our Mission

1) Arm you and your immune system with the tools you need to fight disease.

2) Empower you with information and research

3) Eradicate disease and hidden hunger in impoverished communities. We donate 10% of our profits to NGO’s working to eradicate hidden hunger.

4) Address Millenium Development Goals #1,4,5,6