What is Equal Access?

Equal Access is an enzyme supplement designed to give you access to the natural levels of micronutrients inherently found in your food. The micronutrients zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium are bound in foods by PHYTATE, a powerful anti-nutrient that blocks your access to these critical nutrients. If you’re eating grains, nuts, seeds, rice, beans, lentils or any products derived from these foods (cereals, pastas, crackers, etc.) you’re likely ingesting large amounts of phytate. Phytate is a protective coating for these plants to store their nutrients for plant growth when it’s time to germinate.

With Equal Access you regain access to these critical nutrients. Studies have shown that taking a phytase supplement at mealtimes can improve iron absorption by 75% and zinc absorption by more than 36%! Our goal is to help you get the nutrients you need from your food and supplements while conserving your energy for all your other important activities.

Phytate prevents you from absorbing vitamins and minerals in these foods or from any of the expensive vitamins you take. Equal Access is made of phytaSe, which breaks phosphorus chains in phytaTe so that you can better absorb calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron in your food and supplements before they exit your body.


Plant Defense and Phytate

Plants don’t want their seeds to be eaten before they have a chance to sprout. Phytate is like a self-protective coating for plants to store phosphorus for when it is time to sprout and grow. While ruminants (cattle, sheep, deer) are capable of depleting the phytate in their various stomachs, humans are incapable of doing so. If phytate is present in your gut, even in small amounts, it prevents you from absorbing zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium in your food.

Phytase is the enzyme which breaks down phytate, giving you access to those nutrients.

If you get colds and flus regularly, are anemic or have a weak immune system, consider using Equal Access to make the nutrients in your food and vitamins bioavailable.

Why take digestive enzymes?

Digestion takes up to 70% of your energy in a day. That’s a lot! Is your body working as efficiently as it could be?

Enzymes are a catalyst for every reaction in your body. Enzymes are present in freshly picked vegetables and fresh meat. Many of us eat large amounts of cooked food, previously frozen food, and not enough raw foods. Many of us are not getting the micronutrients we need. Our bodies need a low-stress environment to work well AND access to nutrients in our foods to be our best and healthiest selves.

Why take Equal Access compared to other enzymes or vitamin supplements?

Equal Access is different from other enzymes and supplements:

  • Phytase allows other vitamin supplements to reach their full potential in the body, while also making minerals in food more bioavailable.
  • Equal Access makes all other vitamin supplements more effective! We aren’t competing with other supplements, we’re supporting them. Keep taking your other supplements and vitamins as doctor recommended. See how your energy levels, sleep levels, and stomach issues improve with time. 
  • Even for people who don’t (or can’t) take vitamins or supplements, our phytase enzyme gives you full access to the nutrients naturally present in your food.

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