“My name is TH. I started taking GoodPhyte in August. I have diagnosed Collagenous Colitis which I have been managing (with not alot of success) with Biomedics for the last 15 years or so. Since I have started taking GoodPhyte, I have had the first diarrhea free month in well over 20 years. I have more energy and am working at a higher level at work. To say I am excited is an understatement.”

~ Anonymous customer

September, 2022

“I took some time last week to talk to @ultrarunnerpodcast about my epic journey over the last 2 years with anemia. In January I was approached by Amy Puzey from Access Nutrients to try a new product that is a digestive enzyme to help better absorb zinc, calcium, magnesium and my favorite iron. Since starting this supplement my ferritin has stabilized around the 90's (without infusions) my recovery/energy has never been better. I've been able to handle moderately high mileage, 9 weeks over 53 to 64 with 2 lactic threshold workouts a week. I seriously have not felt this good in years. You don't need to be anemic to see the difference. This mix of phytase can also help boost immune system and energy. Honestly I'm so grateful for this product because I truly believe this gave my life back. Thank you Amy for changing my life and helping when the medical world failed“

~ Meredith June Edwards, USA

Instagram: @merejune

April 14, 2020

“Am blessed to be a trail/ultra runner, momma to two busy boys, race director, consultant within the Oil & Gas sector and collaborate to support as many small businesses and events that I can. I run an overflowing schedule but I wouldn't change it for the world! I absolutely love connecting with others and supporting movement and sharing our incredible backyard.

I practice clean eating and include plant based meals at least 3 times a week. My energy has been severely lacking for six months (I would have put it at about negative 5) and I have tried to get my mojo back through additional sleep, meditation, revisiting nutrition and so forth. While these things helped, it wasn't enough. I started taking GoodPhyte six weeks ago and noticed the change within two weeks. I wasn't groggy in the morning and felt rested, my body seemed to respond better to clean foods (no bloat) and I was fuller faster and able to transition to smaller meals throughout the day, which supports my activities and lifestyle. My energy is now at least 8/10.

I finally feel like I am getting my feet back under me and am ready to tackle my check lists and training schedule!”

~ Kara Leinweber

Instagram: @karaleiny

March 31, 2020

“During this time of a viral pandemic and at all times, it is so important to get the most out of the nutrient dense food that we are preparing for our families and loved ones. We are practicing social distancing to protect our lovely communities. It is in these times that we need to think about our communities, but we also need to think about self and keeping ourselves healthy so that we can continue to support our families and communities.

For the past 15 years, I have researched and practiced a healthy and active lifestyle including meal prep and supplements with the support of a naturopath, research and trial and error. I have always struggled with maintaining a decent level of energy throughout the day. My efforts to consume a clean diet, exercise well, sleep well and develop healthy relationships didn’t seem to be enough to keep me awake mid-afternoon. Naturopaths, osteopaths, nutritionists and health store providers were not able to find the right support for my body.

GoodPhyte has been the only supplement that has allowed me to enjoy the entire day with energy. I no longer fall asleep in afternoon meetings, have to pull over to the shoulder to have a power nap while driving or crash on the couch when I return from work. GoodPhyte has allowed my body to maximize the energy provided by the healthy meals I take so much care and love preparing for myself and family. This has been a game changer for my health, my family and workplace.

Thank you Amy and team for developing a supplement that will hopefully help many people unlock the nutrients that their bodies need to get the most out of life. Life is too wonderful to sleep through. Consider giving GoodPhyte a try to see if you can feel even better than you do now.”

~ Liana Williams

Instagram: @lianalwilliams

March 19, 2020

“Even though I have my diet and health pretty dialed in, I started taking GoodPhyte to see what, if anything, would happen. I will add that I'm in menopause to post menopause stage of life. During this time period I had noticed that my sleep was lighter, I was waking up due to hot flushes, and I needed to go to the bathroom more. I was getting the time, but not necessarily the quality of sleep I previously had. I started to track my sleep and noticed that my deep sleep time was increasing and some nights I have more deep sleep than light. The added bonus is that the hot flushes have subsided greatly and so have the bathroom breaks. I can not say that (once again) I have both quality and quantity of sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

~ Sherri Donohue

Instagram: @trailrunnersjourney

February 18, 2020

“So I am about one month through. Almost immediately I felt more energy earlier in the day. I started drinking WAY less coffee than normal. I used to drink 12-16 oz before 10am. Now I barely have 8-10 oz and usually don’t need the second cup in the afternoon. This is amazing news as my stomach had been wrecked from all the coffee. I have to agree with the other lady that posted, that once I started taking two a day, I started noticing even more benefits. Sure I get tired from my day (who doesn’t working FT and parenting), but this month I have felt very little in the way of PMS mood swings and bloating etc. Also bloating after eating has decreased and it feels great. No more rush to get the work pants off because I am about to explode. Energy wise, I want to train harder and I do. I am excited and grateful. I no longer feel like I need most of the other supplements in my cupboard except maybe calcium as I am dairy free. I’ve also noticed that despite having a super stressful month at work, I have almost no desire for alcohol. Thank you!”

~ Natalie Shelby-James

Instagram: @natalierunstrails

February 6, 2020

“Just finishing my period, and I had wayyyy less breast tenderness the week before, wayyyy less cramping throughout, and no discomfort during.  TMI, but I often get somewhat tender “down there” during the heaviest parts and I didn’t at all this time. Actually, it really wasn't even as heavy as usual.”

~ Anonymous customer

February 5, 2020

“I was diagnosed with serum negative inflammatory arthritis August 2018. It definitely explained my painful body and the immense fatigue I had been dealing with for longer than I allowed anyone to know about. I am entering my 11th year of playing Roller Derby- a full contact sport that conflicts with my disease at times. I have been wrestling with retiring from my beloved sport due to my pain, fatigue, and low concentration. I have taken many supplements in my lifetime, especially now as I navigate my disease with diet and supplements, and can offer an honest opinion on Access enzymes. At first I was skeptical- just another thing my husband was supportive of, but I told him I would give it a true test and I did.

At first I was only taking one tablet a day, in the morning with all of my other supplements and didn't notice any effect. I switched diets from Paleo Autoimmune Protocol to a plant based anti-inflammatory diet with some uncomfortable side effects. I couldn't figure out how to give this diet a real chance as so many foods with high lectin was causing me grief digestively.

I decided to give Access a better chance and increased to taking the enzyme twice daily.

What a change!! I noticed almost immediately a decrease in stomach bloating, gas, and that dreaded afternoon slump. 2 weeks after the increase I noticed I was more energetic throughout my busy day; I was sleeping better, I was eating better, I was more focused. I don't avoid beans, whole grains, or certain vegetables anymore either as they don't bother my stomach like they did before. I still pay attention to my body- it has moments of joint pain and if I don't take my enzymes the same way everyday- my stomach does protest. I am a believer in this product!!! I haven't had an inflammatory flair for many weeks now and my energy has increased by at least 50% and I contribute that to my diet and the enzyme that allows my body to utilize the foods I put into it. I wish I had known about this stuff sooner!

I'm a believer in foods that heal- and I am thankful that I have a tool that allows my food to heal and rejuvenate me.“

~ Milissa Hardy (Washington, USA)

Instagram: @recklessabandon76

February 4, 2020

“I've been using GoodPhyte now for a month and definitely feel more sustained and steady energy throughout my day. The best benefit I've found so far is that when my son, and husband, who aren't taking GoodPhyte yet, both got a really bad cold this month, myself and my daughter (who are taking it) completely avoided it. That's with my son sneezing and coughing and breathing in my face multiple times a day (he's a snuggler). I always catch the cold the kids bring home, so this was a huge win for me. That in itself was a benefit that made GoodPhyte worth taking.”

~ Jessie Ashton

Instagram: @ms.jessie.ashton

February 3, 2020

“Returning to the track after a very long break. It's been a crazy journey with my #anemia but I'm so grateful that my body is feeling strong again. Last year I couldn't even imagine running 1 400 meter. In the last 2 weeks we have reintroduced me to 10 x 400's workout. I have made some changes to my diet by cutting out dairy to help my gut and iron absorption. I have also added a new supplement @accessnutrients GoodPhyte is a digestive enzyme designed to help you better absorb zinc, calcium, magnesium, and my favorite iron. I've been using this supplement for just one month but have noticed my energy levels and output have been very consistent and strong. I'll be retesting my ferritin in the next 2 days to see where I'm at. My last blood test showed I was at 125. 🤞🤞🤞Fingers crossed I'm still above 100” #anemiaproblems #wheredidallmyirongo

~ Meredith June Edwards, USA

Instagram: @merejune

February 1, 2020

“Last August I went to my doctor and told her that I thought something was wrong. I was tired all the time, I was foggy and just didn't feel good. I am great about eating well and I run and lift weights and do all the things. I should have been feeling fantastic, but I wasn't. I told my doctor I am working hard to feel well, but I just don't. All my tests were normal, I am truly the picture of health. But still I wasn't feeling like myself.

I saw the video for the GoodPhyte supplement and it was as if it was an animation of ME! Doing all the right things but not feeling the expected results, so I decided to give it a try.

I have been taking GoodPhyte daily now for over 2 months and I am actually surprised how much better I am feeling. It was subtle for me. My digestive system started to feel better. I noticed that I was more regular. My energy levels started to creep up, I was doing a few of the little chores during the week that I usually did on the weekend because I had been so exhausted after work. I had a little more umph. My husband commented on how I just seemed a little perkier in the evenings. It is hard to put my finger on it, but I am not feeling the mid afternoon/evening fatigue anymore!”

~ Laurie Westenberg, Portland, Oregon

Instagram: @laurielouw

January 31, 2020

“After a month of using GoodPhyte I’ve noticed at least a 60% increase in my energy levels, particularly toward the end of my workday. Being an afternoon exerciser, this means I can go into my afternoon workouts with significantly more energy. I no longer have a 2-3 p.m. crash and have energy at 5 p.m. to run, lift, and go shopping. At first I didn’t see a significant change in my energy, but after timing the GoodPhyte more closely to my meal times, I started to feel the benefits. On a scale of 1-10, I’d say my afternoon energy is usually a 4-5 and lately has been more like an 8.”

Cameron Hardy

Instagram: @runcamrun

January 28, 2020

"Yesterday was my first day back at the office and had a busy day and busy evening driving my kids all around the city sooo I wanted to see how I felt on a work day before I texted you. I totally notice a difference and have noticed for over a week. Napping no longer runs my life! Before I started taking GoodPhyte I would hit that 2-3pm crash and it would be really hard for me to keep my eyes open while driving home. I would get home, have a quick 20 min nap then drive my daughter to volleyball then sit in my vehicle and sleep! Then I would get home around 9:30 and go to sleep. I would wake up in the morning, with difficulty, feeling exhausted! Seriously that was my life for ever! I got through my days by thinking about when my next nap would be. Now that I take GoodPhyte, I don’t need to nap AT ALL any more and I have way more energy. I haven't napped for over a week. I would say my energy levels have gone from a 2 to a 9 in just a few weeks."

~ Lisa Clarke

January 7, 2020

“As a father, fire fighter and endurance athlete it is important to stay healthy and take care of myself. Trying to maximize nutrition and energy can be hard, especially as I’m always on the go. I’ve only been taking GoodPhyte for a month now and am surprised at how much more sustained energy I have throughout the day. I used to have mid day crashes of fatigue and that has stopped since taking the enzyme. My energy and alertness are consistent day to day and my runners gut has settled down. I am extremely happy and thankful to have added GoodPhyte to my diet and lifestyle because it has only helped me be a better father, fire fighter and athlete.”

Devin Featherstone, Alberta

Instagram: @dfeatherstone

January 1, 2020