About Us

Amy Puzey, nee Golumbia, is a holistic nutritionist, mother of six, and a long time competitive runner.  She was the Canadian Mountain Running Champion in 2009 and has represented Canada twice at the World Mountain Running Trophy.  She is currently the CEO and National Race Director for 5Peaks Trail Running in Canada.

Amy began her education in nursing at the University of Alberta, but after a few years, realized she would rather work on the preventative side of health and switched into nutrition.  

She worked as a nutritionist for nine years before starting with 5Peaks, her other passion being trail running.

She started researching phytate and phytase over ten years ago.  Amy worked tirelessly as a principal investigator, along with Dr. Bill Cameron, to develop a trial protocol with the Canadian Trials Network to test her theory, but without being a part of the internal organization, the trial did not get funded.  Her hope for this project, is that some day phytase will be used as part of a preventative, and possibly even a treatment regimen, in impoverished populations suffering from infectious diseases.

Amy lives with her husband and children in the rocky mountains of Canmore, Alberta, Canada.